Welcome to the Bizarro World: Mobile Web Use Higher in the U.S. Than in Europe

Comic panel from “Superman”, showing the Bizarro World.

The prevailing wisdom is that European mobile web use is higher than Americans’, but a survey by the Online Publishing Association says that the opposite is true. Ladies and gentlemen, we have entered the Bizarro World.

In the survey, roughly equal numbers of American, British, French, German, Italian and Spanish people were interviewed, with some weighting to reflect the mobile phone-using populations of each country. In the survey, they found that while 77% of the European respondents had mobile web access compared to 71% of the U.S. respondents, a higher percentage of the Americans made use of it. 41% of the Americans with mobile web access were regular users, compared to 31% of Europeans overall.
Here’s how the countries in the survey compared in regular mobile web use:

  • United Kingdom: 54%
  • United States and Italy: tied at 41%
  • Germany and Spain: tied at 40%
  • France: 34%

More survey results are in the article.