16 Ways the Media Can Make Use of Blogs

Yeah, this should be screamingly obvious to longtime blogosphere denizens, whether readers or writers, but as George and I like to say, “There’s a lot of value in repeating the obvious.” So in that spirit, I point you to this Bivings Report article, 16 Ways The News Media Can Use Blogs. The 16 ways are:

  1. Solicit ideas for coverage.
  2. Request feedback on how to shape an editorial product.
  3. Host public blogs.
  4. Provide ongoing coverage.
  5. Foster interaction between journalists and citizens.
  6. Cheaply report news about niche interests.
  7. Request help from the public on covering a story.
  8. Get experts to interact.
  9. Get non-journalists to report on their areas of expertise.
  10. Provide sneak peaks of upcoming stories.
  11. Allow journos to share their interests and passions.
  12. Share internal memos and briefings with the public.
  13. Defend editorial decisions.
  14. Provide case studies for issues of public interest.
  15. Share what you’re reading.
  16. Publish content that didn’t make it on air or in print.

The article goes into detail and provides examples for each one of these 16 ways.