Millard Brown Optimor (and Linda Evangelista) Say that Google is the Number 1 Brand

SUpermodel Linda Evangelista, c. 2004.Search Engine Land points a to a report stating that Google is now the world’s most powerful brand, as ranked by Millward Brown Optimor’s BRANDZ Top 100, with a brand value of $66.4 billion. Here are the top ten brands, listed along with their brand values:

  1. Google ($66.4 billion)
  2. General Electric ($61.9 billion)
  3. Microsoft ($55 billion)
  4. Coca-Cola ($44.1 billion)
  5. China Mobile ($41.2 billion)
  6. Marlboro ($39.2 billion)
  7. Wal-Mart ($36.9 billion)
  8. Citigroup ($33.7 billion)
  9. IBM ($33.6 billion)
  10. Toyota Motor ($33.4 billion)

Also worth mentioning: of the top 40, the three brands with the biggest increase in value over the past year pretty much make up George’s and my lifestyles:

  1. Google (brand rank 1, up 77%)
  2. Apple (brand rank 16, up 55%)
  3. Starbucks (brand rank 35, up 45%)

Did I really need a brand research company to tell me that Google is the number one brand? I suppose you can’t be ceratin without doing research and number-crunching, but I decided that Google had simply and complete won, period, a couple of years back while reading a magazine while waiting to get my hair cut. I was reading an interview with supermodel Linda Evangelista (pictured above) in which she says “Oh wait, let me Google it.”

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