Chris Messina’s “State of Mozilla and the Open Web” Rant

Still image from Chris Messina’s video about Mozilla
A still from Chris Messina’s video, given a little LOLcat treatment.

It’s been getting some buzz in “The Swarm” (a Skype chat where the TorCamp crowd hang out to talk about anything and everything — sometimes even tech!): Chris “Factory City” Messina has posted a 50-minute video polemic about the state of Mozilla, Firefox and the future of the Open Web in light of the challenges being presented by offerings such as Adobe’s Apollo, Microsoft’s Silverlight and the most newly-announced platform for web apps on the desktop, Sun’s JavaFX.

I’ve only managed to catch the first 15 minutes of the video (it’s been a busy day), but TorCamp regular Mark Kuznicki and Web Worker Daily editor Anne Zelenka have already thrown in their two cents. I’ll throw in mine, but I need to carve out some time first.

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