TwitterGram: Sending Short Audio Messages via Twitter

U.S. Postal Service mail carrier image used by TwitterGram

I know lots of people who started out as programmers, then developed a successful business and never touched a line of code again, even recreationally (and in a couple of cases, a couple refused to lift a finger to help an old customer, simply because the help involved answering questions about code).

That’s why I’ve got to tip my hat to Dave Winer, who’s still noodling with code even though I don’t think he has to do it to pay the rent. TechCrunch reports that he’s got a nifty little project called TwitterGram that mashes up the Twitter API with his own application that lets you upload small (about 200K) MP3 files. The end result: a system that lets you use Twitter to make short audio postings.

Although I think my need for such a system might be fulfilled by my Pownce, I’m still on Twitter and will give TwitterGram a try. Kudos to Dave for keepin’ on coding, experimenting and sharing!