Facebook Developer Garage Tonight!

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Tonight’s the night: Facebook Developer Garage (a.k.a. FacebookCamp) happens tonight at 6:30 p.m. at the Mars Discovery District (101 College Street, Toronto). This will be the first of a series of Facebook Garages/Camps; there’s already talk of holding another one for the fall. If you’re interested in developing applications to run on the Facebook platform, this is a must-catch event, as not only are about 300 local developers planning to attend — the event has garnered so much attention that Facebook is flying reps up to speak. As you can imagine, seating will be limited, so if you can come early, do so.

I’ll be taking my usual copious notes and will post them here, so watch this space!

Here’s the schedule of tonight’s events:

When What’s Happening
6:00 p.m. Social/mingling
6:30 Introduction by Colin Smillie Roy Pereira and Andrew Cherwenka
6:40 Best Practices around Product Design and Viral Marketing by Meagan Marks,
7:30 Anatomy of a Facebook Application by Jay Goldman and Michael Glenn, Radiant Core
7:50 FBML Overview by Sunil Boodram, Trapeze Media
8:10 FQL Overview by Craig Saila
8:30 Updating the Facebook Profile by Colin Smillie, Refresh Partners
8:50 Demo: .Net Sample Application by Ricardo Covo
9:00 Demo: Carpool by Zimride by Rajat Suri
9:10 Demo: Ogrant by Shachin Ghelani
9:20 Wrap-up and drinks

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