Acer and Gateway: When Two Turds Collide

Tweedledum and Tweedledee with keyboard and mouse, fightingI was most amused by this comment made in response to the Engadget article about Acer’s announcement that they plan to acquire Gateway:

Wow, when 2 turds collide! This should be an exciting merger.

Having been an owner of two Acer laptops (one back in 1997, the other being the Vista PC sent to me in Microsoft’s PR disaster earlier this year) and the user of a number of Gateway desktops, I have to agree with the general sentiment expressed both in the Engadget comments as well as among my peers: they may be cheap, but their quality is on the low end of the scale, especially when it comes to laptops. They’re the makes I recommend against whenever people ask me what Wintel/Lintel machines they should buy.