Even Supervillains Use BitTorrent

Forget about what the RIAA and MPAA are saying about Bittorrent: its real danger comes from the fact that supervillains use it!

In Marvel Comics’ Fantastic Four issue 549, sonic supervillain Klaw is back with a vengeance. Made of “solidified sound”, Klaw can create sounds powerful enough to kill and destroy. He was believed to be dead, but was brought back to life as a clone by the evil genius, Wizard. How? BitTorrent. Here’s the relevant panel:

Panel featuring explaining Klaw’s cloning via Bittorrent from Fantastic Four #549

This brings up a few questions, including:

  • Who recorded Klaw?
  • What recording equipment would you need to properly capture a creature of living sound, and what format and level of sound quality would do the job properly?
  • What would the size of the file be?
  • Who would download such a thing? “Dude! Never mind the new Arcade Fire album — I want a supervillain in my iPod!”