Maybe It’s Too Zune (or: Second-Generation Zunes Coming in October)

Zune logo upside down (appears to read as “anuz”)Back when I lived closer to Toronto’s downtown core (I was a five-minute bike ride from the financial district), I saw New City Hall bathed in the glow of a half-dozen large floodlights one night. I went to take a closer look and saw a stuntwoman attached to a line, running right down the side of one of the buildings. It was obviously a movie shoot.

I walked up to one of the crew who appeared to be on a break and asked if she could tell me what movie they were shooting.

Resident Evil 2,” she said.

She must’ve seen the surprised look on my face, because she quickly followed it up with a “Yeah, enough people saw the first one to justify a sequel.” (Little did we know back then that there would be enough interested in the second to justify yet another sequel.)

The “leak” about an upcoming generation of Zunes as reported by Engadget leaves me with pretty much the same feeling. They’re to be released on October 16th and two types are expected:

  • Draco, the smaller flash-based Zune, which will come in 4GB and 8GB versions
  • Scorpio, the larger hard drive-based Zune, which will have an 80GB capacity and a screen that is supposed to be “awesome” for video.

Both Zunes will feature the not-quite-square, not-quite-circle user interface called a “squircle”. You may be tempted to scream “stupid marketing/branding made-up word!”, but apparently such a term exists in mathematics.