Vista: Stunning. Entertaining. Having a Little Problem with “Dependable”.

Computer store display for Vista: “Stunning. Entertaining. Dependable”, with a machine showing a blue screen of death.
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Strictly speaking, there’s a good chance that the blue screen of death in the photo above is a driver-related problem. Even with the laptop with Vista Ultimate (pre-installed to avoid installation and driver issues) that Microsoft gave to me, I’ve had driver-related problems. However, as far the user is concerned, problems like this are Vista’s fault.

Issues like this may also be why Apple concentrates on its stores and Dell has those kiosks in malls: those salespeople are focused on promoting a specific brand of computer (and in Apple’s case, operating system as well) and work hard at putting their specific brand’s best foot forward. On the other hand, the people who work at general retailers like Best Buy are concentrating on moving Best Buy inventory, regardless of brand.