Have You Seen This Guy? He Might Have Taken Bill’s Laptop. [Updated]

Update: I posted the story on MetaFilter, and it has since shown up on Boing Boing. By the end of the day, this guy’s going to be the best-known computer thief in the nerdsphere.

Tris Hussey reports:

It seems that this gentleman stole a friend’s laptop…well then decided to take pictures of himself, but then uploaded them to the laptop owner’s Flickr account. With all the caveats about allegedly, and innocence preceding guilt, if you know this person, etc … please e-mail Bill MacEwan at info AT workspace DOT com.

Photo of alleged laptop thief, caption “I’M IN UR FLICKR ACCOUNT, INCRIMINATING MYSELF”
Click the photo to see it on its Flickr page.

Richard writes:

Technically it wasn’t Bill’s laptop, but rather one of the iMacs at Workspace, a shared office space in Gastown, Vancouver. This particular iMac (the one used to post the photo) was setup at the coffee bar with Flickrbooth installed and Workspace’s account as the default account, so that anybody who came in for a coffee could, while waiting for their favourite caffeinated beverage, also take a photo of themselves. Whoever that is didn’t know to change the Flickr account or, more likely, not to click the upload button after having taken the photo.