John Harvard is Master Chief!

Oh, those crazy MIT Guys…

Statue of John Harvard, modded to give him Master Chief’s helmet and gun.
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Here’s what the MIT Hacks gallery has to say:

During the night prior to the release of the heavily advertised Halo 3 video game, MIT hackers transformed the statue of John Harvard into the Master Chief character from the game. In the game, the character’s real name is known only as John. John was wearing the signature helmet from the game and was also holding a gun from the game. The hack was removed by around 8am.


Photos from “Furries vs. Klingons”

A Klingon waves a bat’leth menacingly at some Furries at Saturday’s “Furries vs. Klingons” event.
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For the curious, there’s a Flickr photoset with pics from Saturday’s “Furries vs. Klingons” bowling competition in Atlanta.

Someone at the National Review suggested that the event might be the death knell of Western Civilization, but it’s really no sillier than a great deal of the activities that the National Review’s right-wing heroes partake in at Bohemian Grove (and far more harmless).