The REAL “Accordion Hero”

Although it’s relatively old news, it’s all the buzz on the tech blogs today: Accordion Hero, the accordion version of the Guitar Hero videogame:

Accordion Hero

Alas, Accordion Hero is just a parody — it’s just a clever idea that’s been given it’s own website.

However, that doesn’t mean that someone hasn’t built an accordion-style for Guitar Hero-type games. Ladies and Gentlemen, I’d like you to meet Oded “SoundGuy” Sharon and the game controller that he created by hacking a toy accordion. Here’s a photo of Oded playing Frets on Fire (a Free Software version of Guitar Hero) with his “Accordion Hero” controller:

Oded Sharon using his accordion controller to play “Freetar Hero”

You can find out more about the controller in this entry on his blog.

Oded, you’re a true Accordion Hero — I salute you with a filet mignon on a flaming sword!

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they should really make it and they should put “la polkita del tigre” by Frankie Caballero he’s my dad an amazing accordion player from Donna, TX. It would be cool!!

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