The World’s Best Gamers, Circa 1982

Here’s a photo that’s just over 25 years old — taken on November 7th, 1982, it’s a Life magazine photo featuring the best players of arcade games of that era:

“Best videogame players” photo spread from “Life” magazine, 1982
Rockin’ it old school in 1982! The best videogamers of 1982 pose by the games they’ve mastered. Click the photo to see it at a larger size.
Photo courtesy of Miss Fipi Lele.

The games featured in the photo are:

For more about what happened when this photo was taken, see this article at Classic Arcade Gaming.

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I suspect any geek of your caliber has already seen it, but if not you need to see King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters. Billy Mitchell, posing above the Centipede machine in the photo above, is one of the main subjects of the film. It’s easily the most entertaining and engaging documentary I’ve ever seen.

And they’re all boys. I bet that photo would look a little more diverse these days, thanks to the rise of X-Box Nation…

I watched the documentary about Billy Mitchell. One of the best dics in my opinion.

Guys billy is not the dick made out to be by every one with all respect the man was the first to get a perfect score on pac man and held a record on donkey kong for almost 3 decades has any of us achieved this

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