Here’s a little graphic inspiration to help you with your customers:

Trust = reliability + delight: Trust comes from meeting and beating customer expectations
Image courtesy of The Triumph of Bullshit.


The REAL “Accordion Hero”

Although it’s relatively old news, it’s all the buzz on the tech blogs today: Accordion Hero, the accordion version of the Guitar Hero videogame:

Accordion Hero

Alas, Accordion Hero is just a parody — it’s just a clever idea that’s been given it’s own website.

However, that doesn’t mean that someone hasn’t built an accordion-style for Guitar Hero-type games. Ladies and Gentlemen, I’d like you to meet Oded “SoundGuy” Sharon and the game controller that he created by hacking a toy accordion. Here’s a photo of Oded playing Frets on Fire (a Free Software version of Guitar Hero) with his “Accordion Hero” controller:

Oded Sharon using his accordion controller to play “Freetar Hero”

You can find out more about the controller in this entry on his blog.

Oded, you’re a true Accordion Hero — I salute you with a filet mignon on a flaming sword!


“Dell Dude” Now Serves Tacos, Slings Drinks

According to New York magazine’s restaurant blog, Grub Street, Ben Curtis, the dude who starred in those “Dude, you’re getting a Dell!” ads is now a waiter/bartender at Tortilla Flats in New York City:

Ben Curtis, the former Dell Dude, at Tortilla Flats

For nostalgia’s sake, here’s an old Dell ad featuring the Dell Dude:

Can’t see the movie? Click here.

I think he and Ellen Feiss (stoner chick from Apple commercials from a few years back) should work on some kind of — ahem — joint project:

Can’t see the movie? Click here.


Vietnam Duck Hunt

Hey, it’s Friday, so it’s “funny pictures day” as far as I’m concerned. Here’s an animation featuring the graphics from Nintendo’s Duck Hunt, with a Vietnam setting…

Vietnam duck hunt
Animation courtesy of Miss Christie St. Martin.


Free Icon-a-Rama

If you’re doing some development work and need interim (or even final) icons for your user interfaces and are short on cash to hire a designer or even buy icon sets, these free — but decent — icon resources may be just what you need!

User Interface Icons

Samples from User Interface Icons’ icon set

User Interface Icons is a new site created by Abdylas Tynyshov as a personal project. “The objective of this project,” he writes, “is to provide high quality, free icons to software and web application developers at zero cost!” The first set he’s posted is a collection of common application icons with a yellow-and-blue color scheme in 80-by-80, 48-by-48, 32-by-32 and 24-by-24 pixel sizes.

FamFamFam’s “Silk” Icon Set

Samples from Famfamfam’s “Silk” icon set

FamFamFam has Silk, a set of 1000 16-by-16 icons that covers all sorts of application needs. I’ve found these to be quite useful on a number of projects.

Pinvoke’s “Diagona” Icon Set

Pinvoke’s “Diagona” icon set

Pinvoke’s Diagona icon set is similar to Famfamfam’s “Silk”, but has icons in both 10-by-10 as well as 16-by-16 sizes.

Drunkey Love Icons

Samples from Drunkey Love’s icon set

Drunkey Love has a set of over 100 icons 16-by-16 icons in the “Silk” and “Diagona” vein.

BrandSpankingNew’s Teeny Grayscale Icons


If you’re developing a grayscale app — maybe something for older mobile phones, or perhaps you’re going for a “retro” look for your app — BrandSpankingNew’s set of 113 10-by-10 icons might fit the bill.

Stylegala’s “Bullet Madness”

Samples from Stylegala’s “Bullet Madness” icon set

This may be of more use for website design than application development, but when you need a graphic bullets, Stylegala’s got a good collection made by various artists called Bullet Madness.

“Sweetie” Icon Set

Samples from the “Sweetie” icon set

Sweetie is a set of “cute and clear” general application icons created by Joe North.


Samples from the “ASP.NET Icons” set

If you’re looking for icons with a Windows XP look, ASP.NET Icons has over 300 that should do the trick.

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FNN: Facebook News Network

What if your Facebook news feeds were read to you as if Facebook were CNN? Perhaps like this:

[found via Mathew Ingram, who found it via Fimoculous.]


“Guitar Hero” Meets “South Park”

Stan and Kyle from “South Park” playing “Guitar Hero” in front of their friends

The latest videogame to get featured on South Park — and lampooned a little to boot — is Guitar Hero, in an episode (in)appropriately titled Guitar Queer-o. The episode guide has this brief summary:

Stan and Kyle are hooked on Guitar Hero. But Stan’s superior skills on the video game damage his friendship with Kyle.

Here’s a quick snippet from the opening act, in which Stan and Kyle play Kansas’ Carry On Wayward Son, one of the songs featured on Guitar Hero II:

Can’t see the video? Click here.

When Randy saw the kids playing Guitar Hero and tried to impress them by actually playing Carry On Wayward Son on a real guitar and singing as well, only to be told “that’s gay, Mr. Marsh”. Not only does the real guitar fail to win the kids over, but later that night, Randy finds out that real guitar-playing skill does not translate into Guitar Hero skill. The bit where Thad, the professional backup player, played Guitar Hero without a console — “acoustically” — was a laugh-out-loud moment. I don’t want to spoil the story, so I’ll just simply say that the “real vs. virtual” and “rock star” themes get pushed farther, to hilarious results.

Randy, in his underwear, tries out “Guitar Hero”.

The episode aired last night and won’t air here in Canada for a few more weeks, but it doesn’t matter — the entire episode is online at South Park Zone.