Developer Hardware Nerdvana at TSOT

Gear-wise, life is pretty sweet at TSOT. The standard-issue computer is a 15″ MacBook Pro (the 2.2 Ghz model), which is a great Ruby on Rails development machine. The standard issue keyboard is the ultra-skinny Apple Wired Keyboard and Apple Mighty Mouse, but I don’t like the feel of either. I prefer the feel of the Logitech Cordless Wave Keyboard/Mouse combo, so that’s what got assigned to me.

The final piece of the developer gear complement arrived today: our Dell 24″ Ultrasharp widescreen LCD monitors. Now I’m in Hardware Nerdvana:

TSOT standard-issue developer gear: 15″ MacBook Pro, 24″ Dell widescreen LCD monitor and Logitech Wave cordless keyboard and mouse.

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Logitech wave? I’m quite skeptical of the incredibly unorthodox key layout. Felt bad at Office Depot. I’d go with the Keyboard of the Gods, the MS Natural 4000, myself. And you should definitely try the Logitech G9, or the classic Logitech MX518.

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