Toronto’s “Portal” Storefronts

Here’s something for the Portal fans — Portal-themed storefronts in Toronto…

“Weighted Companion Cube” storefronts in Toronto

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“Weighted Companion Cube” storefronts in Toronto
Click here to see the Flickr page for the top storefront, and click here to see the Flickr page for the bottom storefront.

First, a confession: I have not played Portal yet. Yes, I’m a negligent geek. I’ve got The Orange Box for the XBox 360 sitting in my living room, but haven’t gotten around to firing it up yet (in fact, I’m still working on Mass Effect and Assassin’s Creed, and that’s on top of keeping up with my spare-time programming, plus Toronto tech community stuff, plus other non-geeky pursuits).

While I haven’t gotten around to playing Portal, I’m quite aware of its gameplay and the role that Weighted Companion Cubes play in the game. That’s why I smiled when I saw these storefronts created by Posterchild, Toronto’s answer to Bansky. If you’re in Toronto, you can check out these storefronts up close and in person — the top storefront is at 644 Bloor Street West (near Euclid) and the bottom storefront is at 725 Yonge Street (near Bloor).

[Found via Torontoist.]

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When playing Portal, there are certain times when you’re going through a portal, and you see a character that looks exactly like you going through another portal that looks exactly like the one you just went through. Ok, so my question is, WHO THE HECK IS THE OTHER PERSON?!?!?!? It’s really starting to freak me out.

Awesome as hell!

And get your ass to playing Portal immediately. Mass Effect ain’t got shit on the quality of Portal.

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