Zed Shaw Can’t Get a Break

Those of you who remember his rant from the start of the year, Rails is a Ghetto know that’s he’s had some bad experiences with startups. Although that rant might have led you to believe that he was unemployed, Obie Fernandez explained in a blog post (which reads like the half-hearted explanation made by someone trying to excuse his drunk friend’s violent behaviour at the party last night) that Zed “is happily employed by a major, household-name financial institution in New York City, where he comes into work everyday with a nice shirt and tie”. The problem is that the financial institution in question is even more of a household name today: it’s Bear Stearns, the biggest victim of the subprime meltdown. You can find out more on Zed’s blog (which alas, has no permalinks).

2 replies on “Zed Shaw Can’t Get a Break”

Calling Bear Stearns a “victim” is like calling Jeffery Dahmer a victim just because he ended up in Jail. Some of the unfortunate employees might qualify as victims, but the institution certainly doesn’t.

@Ry4an: “Victim” could be the right word, in the sense of “victim of one’s own short-sightedness” or “victim of one’s own actions”. But I see what you mean.

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