Build Status Interfaces

Having a continuous integration system is nice, but what’s even nicer is if that system has a really clear way of telling you whether the build is working. weren’t happy with build status messages on the command line and went the extra mile to set up these illuminated bears:\'s red, yellow and green \"build bears\"’s Adrian Woodhead writes:

These 3 bears sit in a prominent position and watch our developer’s every move. When things are good we have a green bear gently glowing and purring, when changes are being processed a yellow bear joins the party, and if the build gets broken the growling evil red bear makes an appearance. The developer who broke things usually goes a similar shade of red while frantically trying to fix whatever was broken while the others chortle in the background.

I’ve been meaning to get back into a little hardware hacking (something I haven’t done since I was a teen) and learn how to build computer-driven gizmos like’s bears. In the meantime, I’ll have to satisfy myself by page-slapping the development team at b5 with these images created by Big Swinging Developer

You Broke the Build!

\"You broke the build!\" graphic

“Builds on My Machine…”

\"Builds on my machine\" graphic

Where’s the Build?

\"Where\'s the build?\" graphic

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