My Stack of Old Computer Books

While cleaning out my home office, I found a box books that I’ve been hanging on to for historical purposes and sentimental reasons.

First, this collection of Apple ][ manuals, back from when I had my first computer, an Apple //e. These manuals came with the original apple ][; my //e manuals must be kicking around somewhere…

Apple ][ Manuals

And from my university days, these books: the Adele Goldberg Smalltalk-80 series, Computer Systems in Business, which is rather quaint when read with today’s eyes, and Inside Macintosh from the System 7/8 era:

Smalltalk-80 books, "Computer Systems in Business", Inside Macintosh books

I know I’ve got Lubomir Bic’s The Logical Design of Operating Systems — from which I learned concurrent programming — stashed away, but I can’t seem to find it at the moment.

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