“Enumerating Enumerable” Will Return Soon!

Enumerating Enumerable

This is just a quick note to let you know that Enumerating Enumerable, the series of articles in which I try to one-up’s documentation of Ruby’s Enumerable module, will return very soon. I’ve been busy, but I am working on the next installment, which covers the inject (a.k.a. reduce) method.

In the meantime, you can go check out the 18 previous installments, listed below, as well as my paper-assisted demonstration of what inject/reduce/fold means.

  1. all?
  2. any?
  3. collect / map
  4. count
  5. cycle
  6. detect / find
  7. drop
  8. drop_while
  9. each_cons
  10. each_slice
  11. each_with_index
  12. entries / to_a
  13. find_all / select
  14. find_index
  15. first
  16. grep
  17. group_by
  18. include?

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