This Gun’s for Hire

Screen from the arcade game "Battlezone": "Game Over. Press Start."

Life in a startup is full of adventures with its fair share of ups and downs. Budgets shrink and grow, teams shrink and grow and strategies constantly evolve. During these challenging economic times, it’s the companies who maintain their focus while controlling their spending discipline that will survive.

b5media lives and dies by these same rules, and those of us in the ad-driven internet business expect no less. In this current market environment, it is the mandate of a responsible business to look at ways to stretch their dollar and cut their costs.

My role at b5media as Nerd Wrangler, a.k.a. Technical Project Manager, overlaps too closely with the Director of Technology, and there just isn’t enough work to go between the two of us. The Powers That Be at b5 had to make a tough call, but they made the right one for the company: they had to let me go. My final day at the company will be Friday, October 3rd.

I’d like to thank Jeremy Wright and the rest of b5media for taking me on and for the experience at b5 over the past seven months.

Old movie poster: "This gun for hire"

And to the rest of you: this gun’s for hire!

(Here’s my LinkedIn Profile.)

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Indeed. If Toronto Tech Jobs is helpful, I’m happy to recommend it in a totally biased sort of way.

Holy crap, Joe. Bumpy ride of late — I’ve been there (have I left?) and it’s…unsettling — but with your jillions of friendly connections I’m sure you’ll land on your feet in no time. May you live in less interesting times for the next little while tho, mkay?

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