Microsoft Web Application Installer is Full of Open Source Surprises

Logos of apps installed by Microsoft's web app installer

Maybe today’s the day for surprising announcements. Scott Hanselman has written an article about the beta for Microsoft’s Web Application Installer, an app that can set up the following open source applications:

It won’t install prerequisites, but it will tell you which prerequisites you’re missing and give you the links where you can get them:

"Prerequisites" screen for the web app installer
Click to see the screenshot at full size.

The Web Application Installer is currently in beta. To find out more or to download the beta, check out the Microsoft Web Application Installer site.

One reply on “Microsoft Web Application Installer is Full of Open Source Surprises”

It’s a shame it’s only available for Vista. I could have made good use of it on my XP machines. I guess if I want to be lazy and have an application do those installs for me I’ll have to upgrade to Vista.

I’m sure an XP version can’t be far off. Thanks for the tip!

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