Cheap Camera, Interesting Shot

Believe it or not, the photo below hasn’t been Photoshopped:


The guy who took the photo says:

The cheap CMOS sensor of an iPhone does not expose the whole thing at once, it scans from left to right. If you take a picture of something that moves very fast (like an airplane prop) you can get some crazy pictures out of it since each column represents a slightly different time.

This oddball-but-cool effect is reminiscent of some of the distortions you see with scanner photography (for some examples, see this page).

Maybe it’s time to pull out those camera phones and start snapping pics of oscillating or rotating objects!

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“cheap camera” ..?

but you know prices of ‘real’ cameras? cheap? the iphone?

what a mentality…

@ meh

“cheap camera” ..? cheap? the iphone?

The iPhone is not cheap but the iPhone is not a camera. The iPhone has a cheap camera attached to it. So you can say that the iPhone is a cheap camera. This is perfectly good mentality!

Yes indeed, it is a slice through 4-dimensional space-time on an oblique angle. Another interesting way to think of it is that the propeller sweeps out a corkscrew along the time dimension, and the photograph is taking a slice through that on an angle.

It makes me think: if only the CMOS censor didn’t sweep across the field of view, and captured a single strip streaked across the width of the photo, then you’d have a ‘photo finish’ type camera. Imagine the cool photos you could take! I’d love it if an iPhone app could do that, but I’m guessing the sweep is hard-coded into the camera hardware.

The prop hub, or “spinner” as it was so eloquently called, is indeed exhibiting signs of motion. This is why the blade ports (those are the “holes,” CypherFC) aren’t symmetrical (that means “lined up right,” CypherFC) as they should be on a two-blade propeller.

Quite a cool picture. I miss the days when cameras used film. Then people of limited understanding of physics couldn’t claim “shooped I kan tel by da pix0rz…”

I need to shoot from the cockpit thru propeller.
Iphone distorts prop. Any suggestion which camera is good to shoot thru prop?


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