Super-Productive Monitor Setup

If two monitors boost your productivity, imagine what this setup could do for you…

Multiple monitors setup for a training desk

[This photo originally appeared in Forex Chronicles.]

8 replies on “Super-Productive Monitor Setup”

this is holy.. I don’t think that a single CPU can run all of these :P maybe the setup is like.. 1CPU is to 12 monitors.. or something like that. my setup is 3 monitors per CPU.

This is clearly a fake. Why are the 3 center monitors bright,crisp and sharp while the other 20 are dull and faded. Also if you look at each screen there are multiple copies of each screen exactly. Photoshop ftw.

Its not really a cpu I would worry about but more the gpu.
obviously if you had four nvidia titans in SLI paired with a two core pentium than a its obviously where the bottleneck is, but paired with someting like an FX-8350 I could see a 24 monitor setup easily.
I’m gonna do an 8 monitor setup with an FX-3820 and 2 GTX660’s in SLI and I doubt I will have any problems.

why do you care if it’s fake? They were simply saying what if this was used…. christ people

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