Vangroovy Scenery

Hello from Vangroovy! I’m at the Vancouver Convention Center to speak at the Microsoft Techdays Canada conference.

Here’s the Centre, as shown on the web site and postcards. It does look like this in the summer:

Fog-free picture of the Vancouver Convention Center

Here are the photos I took looking out onto the ocean from the Centre this morning:

Vancouver fog

Vancouver fog

Vancouver fog

My hotel is across the street from the Centre, so I didn’t wear a coat today. The doorman looked a bit worried when I passed him, but I said “Don’t worry. Next to last week’s weather in Toronto, this is tropical.”

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Heh, yeah the fog is a bit strange. A couple years ago we had 28 days of straight rain in January, so I’ll take the fog any day. Break a leg at the conference.

Unfortunately budget cuts at where I work means I couldn’t get registered for the conference. :-(

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