This is How the Current State of Windows Mobile Makes Me Feel

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Ha! But yeah, it does seem like Apple, RIM, and even Palm have their ball gowns on and wireless dancing partners selected, and MS is leaning on the gym wall, cursing its pimples. “WHY AM I SO AWKWARD?!”

If we were to take your metaphor just a little bit further, I would suggest that Microsoft adopt the tactics of Anthony Michael Hall in Sixteen Candles. I think that although he didn’t end up with Molly Ringwald, the movie still ended pretty well for him.

I fear that in such a scenario, I’d end up with the Long Duk Dong role. I actually used to use his first line in the movie as a pick-up line:

I’ve tried it out a few times, and I really hated all the design choices they made. It really felt like a stripped down version of windows itself, where the mobility options were tacked on. The blackberry storm feels the same too, with their touch capabilities tacked on.

I guess with mobility devices, you really have to plan from the start how to do things.

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