FutureRuby and Failcamp: Register Now!


Last year, the folks at Unspace held a fantastic Ruby conference called RubyFringe. They took the standard conference format, threw out the stuff they didn’t like, amplified the stuff they loved and kept the attendance down to around Dunbar’s number. The end result: quite possibly the best geek conference I’ve ever attended (a lot of the other attendees would concur). I wrote quite extensively about RubyFringe in this entry, and here are my notes from the conference:

This year, they’re holding a slightly different conference called FutureRuby. They’ve described it as bill it as “an opportunity to prepare for the future by learning from the mistakes of the past”, and promise us that it won’t just be RubyFringe warmed over – we shouldn’t expect to find the same things in the same places! Here’s what the FutureRuby site says:

We are the artists, philosophers, and troublemakers. We realize that the fringe of today is
the mainstream of tomorrow. We grease the engines of progress, even when we’re working outside of the machine.

FutureRuby isn’t a Ruby conference, but a conference for Rubyists. This is a call to order – a congress of the curious characters that drew us to this community in the first place. We have a singular opportunity to express a long-term vision, a future where Ruby drives creativity and prosperity without being dampened by partisan politics.

FutureRuby runs from Friday, July 10th at 5:00 p.m. and officially end on Sunday, July 12th at around 11:55 p.m.. FutureRuby will also be paired with FailCampTO, which will take place on Thursday, July 9th (I’ll be MCing this event, and I’ll talk more about it in another post).

The early bird tickets for FutureRuby, which sell for CAD$700, are already gone. The regular rate tickets, which sell for CAD$800, are still available, but probably not for long. If you want to attend FutureRuby, I strongly recommend that you go to the FutureRuby registration page and sign up right now.