Do You Code in Visual Basic?

"Visual Basic" graphic from the old packaginOver at Canadian Developer Connection, the blog I’m actually paid to write for, I’m asking readers – presumably Canadian software developers who write code for Microsoft’s platforms – if they write code in Visual Basic. I’ve posted code in C# and (Iron)Ruby, plan to post code in (Iron)Python, F# and JavaScript, but none in Visual Basic.

Since you make an ass out of umption when you make an assumption, I thought’s I’d ask if the Canadian Developer Connection readership coded in VB, and thus far, the answers run the gamut from “no” to “only if I have to”.

One reply on “Do You Code in Visual Basic?”

I’m American, but used to live near Canada (Detroit). :) I still use VBA to program some reports in MS Office. I use Ruby whenever I can, but note that VBA has much of the flavor of Ruby. No semi-colons, able to use Variant type.

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