Trouble, Incorporated

One of the features at the TechDays cross-country conference is the “Ask the Experts” booth, which is staffed all day by speakers (when they aren’t speaking, naturally) and other local tech experts. They’re there to answer attendee questions about Microsoft tools and technologies, tech trends, the industry in general, the local job scene and so on.

While riffling through the photos I shot over the past couple of weeks, I found these ones I took when I passed the “Ask the Experts” booth at TechDays Toronto and saw the trio of Sean Kearney, Steve Syfuhs and Mitch Garvis. I took one look at them, said “Uh-oh, Trouble Incorporated!”, and snapped these pics. I thought you might enjoy them:

Sean Kearney, Steve Syfuhs and Mitch Garvis

Sean Kearney, Steve Syfuhs and Mitch Garvis

This article also appears in Canadian Developer Connection.

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Tyler Pelletier: I’d mention everyone who put in some time at the booth, but I don’t know everyone who did, nor do I have a list. So I simply included the only photos I took of the booth, which happened to feature the three gentlemen mentioned in the article.

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