Road Trip Diary, Part 3: The Big Apple

01 big apple sign

When people in Toronto and area refer to “The Big Apple”, we’re usually not talking about New York, but the Big Apple in Coburg, Ontario. It’s one of the must-visit stops on that stretch of Highway 401 that spans the Toronto-Montreal corridor: roadside rest stop, mini-amusement park, apple pie facvory, apple museum and giant apple-shaped building with a balcony on top giving a commanding view of the cars whizzing by.

02 big apple building

There’s no shortage of interesting signs on the grounds:

03 rabbits are wild

Apparently, the Big Apple is about 13,000 kilometres from the city of my birth, Manila:

04 city signs

The place is heaven for people who like pie:

05 boxes of pies

They have a mascot, but no one was running around in the giant apple costume today. Damir and I had to settle for the little statue by the counter:

06 apple mascot

We arrived in the Ford Flex just before a busload of people, which means that we didn’t have to wait for pie:

07 pie crowd

More scenes from the Big Apple to follow!

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