“Our Fine Tradition of Clumsy Names”

"Counting Down to Seven" badgeNice phone, shame about the name.

As I quipped in an earlier post, the name “Windows Phone 7 Series” is a bit long, and suggests that the people who do Microsoft’s branding get paid by the syllable. This is the sort of left-brain-lopsided mindset that has produced names like “Windows Server 2008 R2”.

My fellow Developer Evangelist John Bristowe pointed me to this Joy of Tech comic which attempts to ratiocinate the etymology of this unwieldy appellation:

"Joy of Tech" comic illustrating the meeting that led to the name "Windows Phone 7 Series"

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At least you don’t have to choose between Windows Phone 7 Series Starter, Windows Phone 7 Series Home Basic, Windows Phone 7 Series Home Premium, Windows Phone 7 Series Professional, Windows Phone 7 Series Enterprise, or Windows Phone 7 Series Ultimate.

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