Mario Cardinal at ConFoo


I’m in Montreal at ConFoo, the “web techno conference” where both open source and Microsoft technologies are the topics. I did a presentation on ASP.NET MVC earlier this morning, and as I write this, I’m watching Mario Cardinal talk about REST. I’ve seen him do this presentation before, but I always enjoy watching his sessions; they feel more like techie conversations over coffee (or beer) than lectures.

You’re probably wondering what that pirate flag draped over the lectern is all about. I put that up there for my session to declare my allegiance. It’s a reference to the Pirate/Ninja personality spectrum, where:

  • Ninjas prefer to work quietly in the background, while
  • Pirates like to work flamboyantly, swashbuckling and yelling “Arrr!”

If you know me, you know where I fall on that spectrum.

(I also brought a goalie mask in case I needed to talk about JSON. Get it? Goalie mask? JSON?)

This article also appears in Canadian Developer Connection.