Much Clearer Than “PC LOAD LETTER”

Printer displaying the message "I CRAVE BLOOD" Photo courtesy of M Thru F.

I assume that someone did this using this trick.

This article also appears in The Adventures of Accordion Guy in the 21st Century.

One reply on “Much Clearer Than “PC LOAD LETTER””

Hey Joey, I’ve seen this done before. In face, I wrote a blog last year about it, AND I have a VS 2008 solution for your readers to try out….uh….play with! LOL

A great Geek April Fool’s joke for the office HP LaserJet printer

This IS a lot of fun to watch people’s reactions to a printer saying things like,
Press Cancel to Continue.
Do I look landscape with this paper?
Please don’t go Office Space on me?!
Completed downloading the internet, please insert more paper
Double-Double for me please?!

There’s a few references in there too (including the code). Have a good one!

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