Kudos for Kodu

Three Students at St. Mary Catholic Elementary School programming with Kodu.Photo by Rick Macwilliam, The Edmonton Journal.

The Kodu game building system got some coverage in today’s Edmonton Journal. In a piece titled Kudos for Kodu, the Language of Kids, they cover the story of how St. Mary Catholic Elementary School is using Kodu to teach not just programming, but parts of the science curriculum as well. The kids are building a Kodu world that simulates a wetland ecosystem, filled with creatures that explain their roles. It sounds more fun than my grade school science classes and echoes my own philosophy of “don’t learn to build, but build to learn”.

Want to learn more about Kodu? You can get a quick introduction by watching me and Junior on Developer Junior:

…after which, you can look at Hello, Kodu!, my article that walks you through the process of programming Kodu the robot to respond to the gamepad controls. It also provides links to more Kodu tutorials.

This article also appears in Canadian Developer Connection.