Bring a Friend to Make Web Not War, Get Great Swag!

Joey deVilla and Amber Mac - Friends - 'Amber's being immature again, isn't she?'

Make Web Not War, the conference on how Microsoft and open source tools and technologies can work together takes place in a week! Because we’re feeling pumped about this event and got an advance shipment of swag, we thought we’d share the wealth. If you’ve already registered for Make Web Not War (which you can do here, for free), here’s how you can win some cool stuff before the event next Thursday.

How Do You Win Swag By Bringing a Friend?

Invite a friend to register to attend Make Web Not War, which takes next Thursday, May 27th, in Montreal at “Reunion – Ambiance A La Carte” (6600 Hutchison).

On the registration form, one of the questions in the optional section is “Where did you hear about this event?” Ask your friend to answer this question by selecting “Friend” from the drop-down menu and specifying your name in the field below it, as shown below:

Close-up view of Make Web Not War registration form, highlighting the "Where did you hear about this event?" question

This offer is available only to those friends who haven’t yet registered.

What Will You Get?

If you get a friend to register and specify that you made the referral before Friday, May 21st, you and your friend will each get this cool 2GB Make Web Not War USB key:

Red key-shaped USB key with "" written on it
If you’re among the first 25 people to bring one friend, you’ll get a Make Web Not War T-shirt:

Front and back views of "Make Web Not War" t-shirt

If you’re among the first 25 people to bring two friends, you’ll get a $25 Jump Card, which is good for discounts at major stores across Canada:

Jump card

The first person to bring five friends gets a special Make Web Not War bundle that includes a token for an MSDN Premium Subscription, which is valued at $2,500:

MSDN logo

What are you waiting for? Go invite a friend to Make Web Not War!

This article also appears in Canadian Developer Connection.

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