Telus Tells Us The Unvarnished Truth [Updated]

I’ve got to hand it to Canadian telco Telus, who tell it like it is on their web page:

why do i need a credit check

(Click here to see the page, and scroll down to the “Why do I need a credit check?” section to see it for yourself.)

I like their forthrightness. My only complaint with their explanation is that “deadbeat” is one word,
not two.

Update: Wow, that didn’t take long – they’ve excised that section.

This article also appears in The Adventures of Accordion Guy in the 21st Century.

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It isn’t on the page but it’s still in the source, albeit commented out:

<!– Why do I need a credit check?
You may be broke, therefore highly unlikely to pay your bill.
We just don’t want to lose money, you dead beat. You know how it is… –>

I think they’re just checking with legal and accounts receivable to see if deadbeat is in fact an accurate term to describe people with bad credit who don’t pay bills.

Unfortunately the hilarious section has been completely removed from the site.. comments and all :(

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