Last Day to Register for TechDays Vancouver at the Early Bird Price!

register nowToday, Tuesday August 3rd, is your last chance to register for TechDays Vancouver at the early bird price of CAD$349.99 (plus taxes). The deadline is tonight at 12:00 midnight Eastern (that’s 9:00 p.m. Pacific); once this passes, the registration fee for TechDays jumps up to its regular price, which is almost twice the early bird price.

If I were a gangsta rapper (and it in fantasies, it’s one of a dozen of interesting things I do on the side), I’d say “Don’t procrastinate, registrate!”

But seriously: this year’s TechDays is a big all-out production that brings together content from the big conferences like TechEd, MIX and PDC, hooks up local heroes to present and augment it, and serves it all up close to home at a very affordable price (especially affordable at the early bird rate). It’s also a chance to get to know both us and your peers in the tech community.

Once again, “Don’t procrastinate, registrate!”. Register for TechDays Vancouver now!

This article also appears in Canadian Developer Connection.

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