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The Ignite Your Coding LinkedIn group is a place for Canadian Developers to find out the latest tech news, see what’s happening in the world of Microsoft and other platforms, make announcements, exchange ideas and get to know other Canadian developers. Although we folks at Microsoft Canada’s Developer and Platform Evangelism team run the LinkedIn group, it’s open to all, no matter what platform you develop for. It’s a a place for all Canadian developers to connect, network, and learn in order to help them grow and be successful in their careers regardless of the tools or platform they use.

Let me say that again: the Ignite Your Coding LinkedIn group is for all Canadian developers, not just Microsoft ones. (And we’re not too fussy about the “Canadian” part, either.)

For those of you interested in certain niches of development, the Ignite Your Coding Linked group has subgroups as well:

  • Mobile Development: for developers and designers building apps for all mobile platforms – not just Windows Phone 7, but also Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, whatever!
  • Windows Development: for developers and designers building applications for Windows.

Join Ignite Your Coding, participate and reap the benefits!

This article also appears in Canadian Developer Connection.

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