Peter Henry on Submitting a Windows Phone App to Marketplace

Anatomy of a WP7 App Submission

Ottawa-based developer Peter Henry (you might have seen him speak at TechDays Ottawa last year, and he’s also presenting this year) wrote a simple Windows Phone 7 app called miFlashlight, submitted it to Marketplace and documented the experience for the benefit of his fellow programmers. When it comes time for you to submit an app to Marketplace, be sure to have Peter’s article, Anatomy of a WP7 Application Submission, handy – it’ll help!

This article also appears in Canadian Developer Connection.

2 replies on “Peter Henry on Submitting a Windows Phone App to Marketplace”

Thank you very much for showcasing my blog! I do hope people try this out! The WP7 submission process is very well done (ya, I was surprised too DOH! HAHA sorry just being honest). The Silverlight application process is done VERY well done, I was impressed, this is the first site I’ve used with SL that I’ve paid for (the Marketplace access fee) and I’m very impressed!

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