I’ll Take Two for My Desk, Please

steve and giant monitor 1

I may have to take a course at ObjectSharp/New Horizons Toronto just to get close to the toys! After the Windows Phone 7 Coffee and Code on Thursday, Barry Gervin and Steve Syfuhs (who just got started working at ObjectSharp, an indirect result of my stunt where I wore assless chaps at CodeCamp a little while back) took me on a tour of their new office. It’s gorgeous, with a nice large social area in the centre and great-looking training rooms with two-monitor workstations for students and these gigantic Samsung touch- and pen-sensing screens at the front of the class. These photos show Steve demoing the big screen’s pen-sensing capability with a simple whiteboard app.

The ObjectSharp folks tell me that they’re making their space available to user groups. I just might have to take them up on that offer.

steve and giant monitor 2

Just in case you’re not clear: ObjectSharp is the part of the company that does the software development and business intelligence work, and New Horizons is the part of the company where you go for training for Microsoft tools and technologies. The new office puts them all in one place – 11 King Street West, 14th floor, falling distance from King subway station.

This article also appears in Canadian Developer Connection.