Speaker Idol Ottawa: Tuesday, November 9th

speaker idol

Speaker Idol takes place tomorrow night at the TechDays Ottawa venue – that’s the Hampton Inn Conference Centre on 100 Coventry Road. It’s a competition where new speakers – that’s right, these are people who aren’t “the usual suspects” who you’d expect to see speak in front of Ottawa’s tech community – get to test themselves against their peers. At stake: Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate and an MSDN Ultimate subscription, which normally retails for about 15 grand.

The Speaker Idol Competitors

Here’s the list of tomorrow night’s competitors and their presentations:

Ahmed Al-Asaad: Entity Framework

You can’t use the Entity framework or any other ORM for your data access layer…No problem. In 10 minutes I will be creating a handy utility to auto generate dataobjects, data access layer (i.e business objects) and CRUD stored procs using the SQLConnection.GetSchema() method.

Daniel Fitzgerald: 10 TSQL Tips in 10 minutes

Jean Sigouin: Take advantage of T-SQL “Common Table Expressions”

“Common Table Expressions” (CTE’s) have been available in SQL Server since version 2005. CTE`s can be leveraged to simplify queries that would otherwise require long stored procedures or scripts in order to achieve the same result. Unfortunately, a good number of DBA’s don’t know they exist or how to take advantage of this extremely useful tool. In this demo, I will de-mystify CTE’s. I will show simple examples of how you can use them to write great queries and solve problems such as:

  • How to build hierarchies using recursive CTE queries
  • How to create data load queries with a “Tally-Table-On-The-Fly” CTE
  • How to use CTE’s as temporary tables
  • How to optimizing query performance with CTE’s.

Wassim Sleiman: Customizing and controlling an MS-Word application using VB.Net

  • Customizing the ribbon (enable/disable menu options)
  • Applying the customization to an MS-Word document
  • Launching MS-Word using VB.Net
  • Loading a document
  • Embedding the MS-Word application within a Windows form using the interop features of the CLR using Platform Invoke (PInvoke)
  • Removing the customization from the MS-Word document

Sylvain Boucher: XNA Basics

I will be creating something from scratch that will fit into the 10 minute allocates slot. At the end we will have a working JezzBall like clone which will be playable from the users perspective. • Polling • Sprite’s and adding them to the project • Loading / Drawing Sprites • Animation • Collision Detection

Charles Wiebe: Help!

I just need to a little push to get started with Web Parts Classes have Properties. (Web Part) Properties are decorated by attributes. Reflection is used to discover the properties and attributes in a Web Part. Let’s explore how these properties and attributes are discovered and used to create simple and standard help documentation for Web Parts. Web Parts are used are used in ASP.NET and SharePoint sites.

Félix Langlois: C# Experimenting with Conditional Compilation

Come and see what you can do with Conditional Compilation. This is a very useful feature.

The event is free to attend and the fun starts on Tuesday, November 9th at 6:30 p.m.. For more details, see the Ottawa Code Camp page.

This article also appears in Canadian Developer Connection.