I’ll Be at Gamercamp Today

gamercamp today at toronto underground cinema

Gamercamp takes place today and tomorrow in Toronto! Billed as “two days of living, breathing and playing video games”, it’s a conference for people who make – or aspire to make – videogames, love to think and talk about them, and of course, play them.

I’ll be there today, catching the keynotes, and tomorrow, demoing XNA, Xboxes with Kinect and Windows Phone (yup, Microsoft’s a sponsor).

Gamercamp spans two days (here’s the agenda), with a different location for each day:

If you’d like to attend, tickets are available at the door and also online. Here’s how much it costs to attend:

  • The Gamercamp Festival Pass goes for $30.00 and gets you into the main sessions for Saturday and Sunday.
  • If you’re attending Gamercamp and want a ticket to the 1UP Party (featuring musical acts Anamanaguchi and Starscream), tickets for 1UP are $12.00.
  • If you just want to attend 1UP and not Gamercamp, tickets are $15.00.

This article also appears in Canadian Developer Connection.