“Developing for the Third Screen: Windows Phone 7” at Tomorrow’s Metro Toronto .NET Users Group Meeting

A Windows Phone 7 device, as seen held in Joey's hand, with High Park in the backgroundIf you’re around downtown Toronto tomorrow and want to get the latest on Windows Phone 7 development, come on down to the Metro Toronto .NET Users Group meeting tomorrow night and see Mark Arteaga’s presentation, Developing for the “Third Screen”: Windows Phone 7.

Here’s the abstract for tomorrow’s session:

Metro Toronto .NET Users Group logoFor the longest time Microsoft has been talking about their “Three Screens and the Cloud” strategy but did not really have a compelling mobile story. With the arrival of Windows Phone 7, the third screen has arrived and with that the new Windows Phone developer story has arrived. During this session you will get a high level overview of the platform plus go into some of the new APIs available for Windows Phone 7. We will cover the new application model, Windows Phone 7 specific services, sensors, multimedia plus more! Come and learn how to build for the third screen, build for Windows Phone 7.

I keep up with mobile development by continually working with iOS, Android and Windows Phone programming, and I find that WP7 development still provides the best developer experience as well as a user interface that’s clean, beautiful, usable and no mere “me too” copy but its own thing. If you develop mobile apps, you should be developing for Windows Phone 7, and tomorrow’s presentation is a great way to get started!

Here are tomorrow’s meeting’s details:

This article also appears in Canadian Developer Connection.