Get “Continuous Integration in .NET” For Only $15 (Feb. 13 Only)

Cover of "Continuous Integration in .NET"Today only (Sunday, February 14th, 2011), you can get the ebook version of the upcoming Manning Publications book Continuous Integration in .NET for a mere USD$15. Simply go to Manning’s site, order the ebook edition and enter dotd0213cc in the promotional code field when you check out.

The book is a MEAP (Manning Early Access Program) book. This means that the book is still being written, and you get the current version now, and the final version when it comes out. Continuous Integration in .NET is heading into production shortly, so you’ll get the early version now and the final version quite soon!

Here’s the description of the book:

There are three copies of a source file and no-one knows which is the right one. Your carefully-crafted unit tests won’t run anymore. The three-year-old requirements doc is totally irrelevant. The boss wants to ship, ship, ship. The team in Austin has no idea what the team in Arlington is up to. You are in integration hell. Ready to try something different?

Continuous integration is a software engineering process designed to minimize "integration hell." It’s a coordinated development approach that blends the best practices in software delivery: frequent integration, constant readiness, short build feedback cycles, persistent testing, and a flexible approach to developing–and modifying–system requirements. For .NET developers, especially, adopting these new approaches and the tools that support can require rethinking your dev process altogether.

Continuous Integration in .NET is a tutorial for developers and team leads that teaches you to reimagine your development strategy by creating a consistent continuous integration process. This book shows you how to build on the tools you already know–.NET Framework and Visual Studio and to use powerful software like MSBuild, Subversion, TFS 2010, Team City, CruiseControl.NET, NUnit, and Selenium.

Because CI is as much about the culture of your shop as the tooling, this book will help you bridge resistance to adoption by providing clear guidelines for starting and maintaining projects-along with defined metrics for measuring project success. Each author brings a unique set of experiences and practices to create a rich and varied picture of this powerful technique.

What’s Inside:

  • Continuous integration – what is it?
  • Source control with Subversion and TFS Version Control
  • Continuous integration server with TFS 2010, CruiseControl.NET and TeamCity
  • Automating build with MSBuild
  • Testing with NUnit, Fitnesse and Selenium
  • Database Integration
  • Keeping code tidy with FxCop and StyleCop
  • Generating documentation with Sandcastle
  • Deploying with ClickOnce and WiX
  • Scaling continuous integration

For more about Continuous Integration in .NET, check out its page on Manning’s site.

This article also appears in Canadian Developer Connection.

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