Hello! HTML5 and CSS3–Manning’s Deal of the Day (Feb. 21)

hello html5 and css3Another day, another book deal: today’s book deal from Manning Publications is the MEAP (Manning Early Access Program, a “books in beta” sort of thing) edition of the book Hello! HTML5 and CSS3, which is being written by Rob Crowther. For today only, you can get this book for a mere USD$25 (CAD$24.57 as I write this) in both paper form (when the final edition comes out) and ebook form (right now, and as the book is updated).

Here’s a description of the book:

Hello! HTML5 and CSS3 is written for the web designer or developer who wants a fast, example-oriented introduction to the new HTML and CSS features. After a quick review of the basics, you’ll turn to what’s new. Start by learning to apply important new elements and attributes by building your first real HTML5 pages. You’ll then take a quick tour through the new APIs: Form Validation, Canvas, Drag & Drop, Geolocation and Offline Applications. You’ll also discover how to include video and audio on your pages without plug-ins, and how to draw interactive vector graphics with SVG.

Once you’ve explored the fundamentals of HTML5, it’s time to add some style to your pages with CSS3. New CSS features include drop shadows, borders, colors, gradients and backgrounds. In addition, you’ll learn to layout your pages with the new flexible box and layout modules, and add the finishing touches with custom fonts. You’ll also see how to target specific devices with media queries, and do all of it with less code thanks to the new selectors and pseudo classes.

Finally you will walk through several large examples where you see all the features of HTML5 and CSS3 working together to produce responsive and lightweight applications which you can interact with just like native desktop apps.

To get this deal, simply go to Manning’s site, place an order for Hello! HTML5 and CSS3, and enter the code dotd0221 in the Promotional Code field when you check out.

This article also appears in Canadian Developer Connection.

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