How Secure is My Password?

how secure is my password

Here’s a great site for geeks and laypeople alike: How Secure is My Password?, which performs as advertised. Enter a password into the textbox, and you’ll be told the maximum time it would take for a desktop PC to generate that password using the brute force method. (Of course, if I wanted to spend less time cracking people’s passwords, I’d try a dictionary attack, given how many people who use ordinary dictionary words.)

It’s also an example of how some very simple programming – it’s written by people who’d be considered “web designers” rather than developers (although I’d consider them developers) –  can still create something useful and even beautiful. How Secure is My Password? is HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript with jQuery and some downloadable fonts; if you’ve been meaning to look into web client development, go visit the site, take a look at the source code, and start crafting your own useful widgets!

This article also appears in Canadian Developer Connection.

4 replies on “How Secure is My Password?”

What if this guy is just building a dictionary of secure passwords (known to be used somewhere). Just thinking… Don’t think this is the case, but it could be possible to get the password, IP Address from where the person is coming to the website from…

I totally agree with Andre.
This might be a trap so the guy can build a most common passwords database.

Well,I agree with you… It is very possible for him to steal your pass but there are some things that will prevent him to do it.First of all this site’s owner doesn’t know if you actually use your pass for an online game or your ip…It is possible for him to hack and find out but I trust that guy.Well,if my pass is stolen I will know who to yell at!

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