The Windows Phone 7 Numbers, in Pictures

The Windows Phone Team’s Brandon Watson gave out the number behind Windows Phone 7, and I thought I’d spice it up with some graphics. Enjoy!

1.5 mill downloads

36000 app hub

11500 apps in marketplace

7500 paid apps

1200 register

1100 money ads

12 doanloads

1.8 days approval

62 percent pass

44 percent trial

40 percent devs submitted

one idea

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Worth Reading: “Professional Windows Phone 7 Game Development” by Wrox

professional wp7 game development

I just picked up the ebook version of the latest book on Windows Phone game development: Wrox’ Professional Windows Phone 7 Game Development, written by Chris G. Williams (@chrisgwilliams on Twitter) and George W. Clingerman (@clingermangw on Twitter). Both authors are XNA MVPs and have written a great deal about XNA online, which makes them choice authors for a book on making games for WP7.

Among the topics covered in the book are:

  • Dealing with device orientation and the accelerometer
  • Touch input: detecting touch, handling gestures and the SIP (virtual keyboard)
  • Building a user input management system
  • Game state management
  • Playing and recording audio
  • Building a base game template
  • 3D graphics and effects
  • Push notifications
  • Accessing web services
  • Accessing the camera
  • Trial mode

From my initial skim of the book, it looks like a pretty good guide for the developer who’s looking to get into game development on Windows Phone, and as I write this, there are a couple of Amazon reviewers who’d agree with me.

Both the dead-tree and ebook versions of  Professional Windows Phone 7 Game Development are available directly from Wrox for USD$44.99 (CAD$43.72 as of this writing).

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Really, You Should Just Relax


Some people didn’t take in the spirit that was intended, so the site owner changed it.

If you want to see what the site looked like before, see my earlier entry, Really, You Should Just Turn It On.


Manning Deal of the Day: “SharePoint 2010 Workflows in Action” for $25 (Monday, March 28th)

sharepoint 2010 workflows in actionToday only – that’s Monday, March 28th – Manning is making the print edition of SharePoint 2010 Workflows in Action available for USD$25 (CAD$24.38 as of this writing). To cash in on this deal, order the book from and enter dotd0328 in the Promotional Code box when you check out.

Here’s a quick description of what’s in SharePoint 2010 Workflows in Action:

You can use SharePoint 2010 workflows to transform a set of business processes into working SharePoint applications. For that task, a power user gets prepackaged workflows, wizards, and design tools, and a programmer benefits from Visual Studio to handle advanced workflow requirements.

SharePoint 2010 Workflows in Action is a hands-on guide for workflow application development in SharePoint. Power users are introduced to the simplicity of building and integrating workflows using SharePoint Designer, Visio, InfoPath, and Office. Developers will learn to build custom processes and use external data sources. They will learn about state machine workflows, ASP.NET forms, event handlers, and much more. This book requires no previous experience with workflow app development.

  • Out-of-the-box and custom workflows
  • How to integrate external data
  • Advanced forms with InfoPath and ASP.NET
  • External events with pluggable workflow services
  • Custom workflow actions and conditions
  • Model your business process in Visio

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Really, You Should Just Turn It On

Screenshot of the "Fuck You, Turn On JavaScript" page

Pictured above is a screenshot of the single-page site The language may be a bit salty, but the advice is sound.

There is no way in hell I can post this to Canadian Developer Connection.


Talking with Justin Peck About QONQR, “The Geosocial Game of World Domination”


While at the South by Southwest Interactive conference, I ran into Justin Peck, who’s working on QONQR (pronounced “conquer”), which he describes as “the geosocial game of world domination”. I interviewed him, asking about the game (imagine the board g “Risk”, but played online and in the real world), the technology on which it’s built (.NET, baby!), how the game got started and Windows Phone 7 and Internet Explorer 9.

This article also appears in Canadian Developer Connection.


Internet Explorer 9 / Windows Phone 7 Boot Camps This Weekend

ie9 wp7 boot camp

Don’t forget, we’ve got IE9/WP7 boot camps taking place this weekend in Mississauga and Vancouver! Here’s what’s on tap, and remember, these events are free-as-in-beer to attend! Registration links are below.

Internet Explorer 9

A Lap Around Internet Explorer 9 and HTML5
A look at IE9’s support for the troika that collectively goes by the name “HTML5”: HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. You’ll see how standards compliance and the resulting “same markup” will make life good for both developers and users and how that same markup runs faster on IE9 thanks to the newer, faster JavaScript engine and hardware acceleration.

Enhancing Pinned Sites with Internet Explorer 9
IE9’s “pinned sites” feature makes web apps feel more like desktop apps by letting users add website to the taskbar and start menu and let developers add custom context menus to pinned site icons, provide visual notifications on the task bar with icon overlays and even add custom buttons on the default thumbnail preview. This session will show you how to best use this feature and also cover IE9’s developer tools.

Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 7 Silverlight Recipes
You’ve read the introductory material and written “Hello World” on the Phone, and you’re now thinking of starting a bigger project. You’re now asking this question: “How do I do X on Windows Phone?”. This session is the answer. You’ll learn all the recipes for building blocks of applications, which you can use, modify and combine in your own Windows Phone 7 apps.

Windows Phone 7 XNA Kickstart
Haven’t you always wanted to write a videogame, but could never get started? This is your chance. This session will show you the basics of XNA, the game development framework for Windows Phone (and the Xbox 360 and Windows too!). You’ll get your feet wet writing 2D videogames, learn some game coding techniques and get you need to start you on your journey as a game developer.

When and Where?

Here’s where these boot camps are taking place:

Where and When Address Which Sessions
Friday,March 25th
Click here to register
Microsoft Meadowvale office
(1950 Meadowvale Boulevard)
IE9 and WP7 sessions
Saturday, March 26th
Click here to register
BCIT, Burnaby Campus
(3700 Willingdon Avenue)
IE9 and WP7 sessions
Monday, April 4th
Click here to register
Microsoft Montreal office
(2000 Avenue McGill College, Suite 450)
IE9 sessions only
Tuesday, April 5th
Click here to register
IMAX Theatre Winnipeg
(393 Portage Avenue)
IE9 and WP7 sessions
Wednesday, May 11th
Click here to register
National Arts Centre
(53 Elgin Street)
IE9 and WP7 sessions
Tuesday, May 17th
Click here to register
Art Gallery of Alberta
Ledcor Theatre
(2 Sir Winston Churchill Sq.)
IE9 and WP7 sessions

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