Worth Reading: “Professional Windows Phone 7 Game Development” by Wrox

professional wp7 game development

I just picked up the ebook version of the latest book on Windows Phone game development: Wrox’ Professional Windows Phone 7 Game Development, written by Chris G. Williams (@chrisgwilliams on Twitter) and George W. Clingerman (@clingermangw on Twitter). Both authors are XNA MVPs and have written a great deal about XNA online, which makes them choice authors for a book on making games for WP7.

Among the topics covered in the book are:

  • Dealing with device orientation and the accelerometer
  • Touch input: detecting touch, handling gestures and the SIP (virtual keyboard)
  • Building a user input management system
  • Game state management
  • Playing and recording audio
  • Building a base game template
  • 3D graphics and effects
  • Push notifications
  • Accessing web services
  • Accessing the camera
  • Trial mode

From my initial skim of the book, it looks like a pretty good guide for the developer who’s looking to get into game development on Windows Phone, and as I write this, there are a couple of Amazon reviewers who’d agree with me.

Both the dead-tree and ebook versions of  Professional Windows Phone 7 Game Development are available directly from Wrox for USD$44.99 (CAD$43.72 as of this writing).

This article also appears in Canadian Mobile Developer.