The New Windows Phone Ad: “What If?”

There’s a new Windows Phone 7 ad titled What If? running in the US for AT&T. It features the Samsung Focus, which is offered by Rogers here in Canada. It’s a nice ad with a lot of flash, but even more important is that it shows the Windows Phone UI in action.

Here’s what the voice-over says:

What if the best-looking phone in the room also had brains? And let you watch your favourite movies? Find the best restaurants? Play Xbox Live? And keep up with your friends? If it had that, and this, shouldn’t you have one?

Yes, you should. Get the only phone with Office, Xbox live and thousands of apps. Get a Windows Phone for only ninety-nine ninety-nine at AT&T.

In case you were wondering what the background music was, it’s Infinity Guitars by Sleigh Bells, off their album Treats (which is on heavy rotation at my home office).

This article also appears in Canadian Developer Connection and The Great Canadian Apportunity.

One reply on “The New Windows Phone Ad: “What If?””

Ugh I really want to ditch my iPhone 3 and get one of these. I hope the Office Apps are user friendly, but even if not, anything would be an upgrade from my glitchy iPhone. Ah, and I love that song in the background, Sleigh Bells are awesome (which also makes me hope that iTunes runs smoothly on this phone).

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